Since the doors of Norfolk School House first opened in 1913, visionary men and women have paved the way for current students and future generations. While Miss McDermott, Miss Atkins and Major Simpson receive much of the credit, many others contributed to the creation and evolution of the school we know today. These leaders worked tirelessly to forge a stronger future for all.


Superpowers were meant to be shared

Like their founding counterparts, these leaders were steadfast in their dedication to the students. Throughout the years, they held paramount everything upon which the schools were built. The best of each school united, upholding the spirit and rich tradition of students doing their best through truth and courage—today and every day.

Stories from our heros

  • 01

    Former Headmistress
    of Norfolk House - 1983

  • 02

    Former Headmaster
    of Glenlyon - 1984

  • 03

    Former Headmaster
    of Glenlyon Norfolk - 1987


Reinventing The Beach

We are revitalizing our iconic oceanfront campus with all the tools necessary for the 21st century learner. The new campus will focus on space and warmth, creating a school that centres around inquiry-based learning and collaboration. It will be responsive to the needs of both the modern and future learner. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pen a new chapter in your school’s history.

From furniture and layout to colour and lighting, temperature and acoustics; we have taken it all into consideration for an unparalleled student experience. In reimagining our classrooms, we can rewrite the next chapter in our kids’ stories, helping them better concentrate, learn, collaborate, achieve and discover.

Reinventing Pemberton Woods

As we realize the possibilities of our Beach campus, we look to the future of Pemberton Woods. With recent upgrades including the Hall, our all-weather turf field, the Scott Fitness Centre, the dining hall and the music centre, we have demonstrated our commitment to improving Pemberton Woods’ learning environment. Our next steps will bring to life a modern library, group study areas, science classrooms, an additional gymnasium, bright social spaces and more.