The Wonder Campaign will power the most extensive facilities renewal GNS has undertaken in our century-old history. We will transform the learning experience of all current and future students with new spaces and the tools needed to enhance our exceptional teaching and learning. Flexible classrooms will embrace connection and collaboration. The integration of new technologies, pedagogies and experiential learning opportunities will prepare and equip our students for whatever career and life they choose to pursue.

Improvements to The Beach

We are revitalizing our iconic oceanfront campus with all the tools necessary for the 21st century learner. The new campus will focus on space and warmth, creating a school that centres around inquiry-based learning and collaboration.

  • Restore the heritage buildings to their former states
  • New Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten facilities
  • Energy efficient design that minimizes emissions
  • Improved heating, electrical, plumbing and technology systems
  • Updated Boat House where students can engage in marine ecosystem programs
  • Lighting, furniture and acoustics that promote highly engaged learning
  • Gathering spaces to share, perform and celebrate
  • 40% increase in teaching and learning space
  • Abundant natural light with inspiring ocean views
  • Viewing areas above and adjacent to the gym
  • Refurbished Coach House where children can engage in musical development
  • Flexible classrooms with moveable walls
  • All-weather playing surfaces for regular play and activity
  • Open and inviting Learning Commons

Improvements to Pemberton Woods

Building on the recent improvements we’ve implemented at our Pemberton Woods campus, our next steps will bring to life a modern library, group study areas, science classrooms, an additional gymnasium, bright social spaces and more.

  • Improved heating, electrical, plumbing and technology systems
  • Energy efficient design that minimizes emissions
  • Streamline operations, allowing the school to focus on enhanced student learning
  • Create spaces that assist teachers to inspire and support our students
  • Combine library resources and IT access with teaching, tutoring and other academic support
  • Develop collaborative spaces to synthesize collective and individual understanding
  • Integrate spaces for students to plan hour to demonstrate their learning through action

Be a superhero

Join us in shepherding these vibrant students from our classroom to the classroom of life.