Aerial view of Pemberton Woods Campus

On June 11, 2019, we held our second Open House and Information Session to continue the discussion about our Master Planning process for our Pemberton Woods Campus. At this meeting, we shared a summary of the feedback we received during our March Open House event:


An organized traffic management/traffic calming plan is needed to address:

  • Busy times
  • More off-street parking
  • Vehicle access points
  • Bus pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Maddison/Richardson intersection

Here is a PDF file of the information presented regarding traffic concerns.


  • Provide an adequate buffer between campus buildings and neighbours

Campus Design

  • Obvious sense of entry/arrival on campus is needed
  • Consideration of future locations for hard surface sports areas
  • Open space is valuable to the neighbourhood
  • Any new plans should be sympathetic to the surrounding residential neighbourhood

Here is a PDF file of the information presented regarding campus design concerns.

Good Neighbour

  • School staff and students are thought of as good neighbours within the community
  • Neighbourhood access to the campus and the sharing of playing fields are appreciated

Please see the attached PDF files of the material shared at our June Information Meeting to encourage discussion and feedback. We look forward to continuing our Master Planning process in the early fall.