Our GNS Heroes are individuals who have made outstanding and extraordinary contributions to the development, advancement, promotion and achievement of the school. They have been courageous risk-takers, shown nobility of character, honesty, passion, integrity, patience, selflessness, caring, and humility. They have been noteworthy leaders as well as great supporters of others, working in harmony to bring balance on the path of higher learning.

As early as 1977 at both Glenlyon and Norfolk House schools, mounting pressures of different types, generated the notion of amalgamation as a thought-provoking idea. In May 1980 a directive was given to both schools to “investigate the possibility of coordination between the two schools” and this started a concerted effort by members of both communities to expand and enhance the possibility of working together. Many hours of investigation, planning, developing proposals, and making decisions, eventually culminated in the completed ratification of The Norfolk House and Glenlyon School Society on 5 March 1986.

In the first years of amalgamation the Glenlyon Norfolk community shared in special experiences, Keith Walker was instrumental in these experiences   

Keith was a man of great INTEGRITY. He arrived at Glenlyon as Assistant Headmaster in 1970, and in 1984 became the new Headmaster of the school with a mandate to continue the intense work towards developing the senior grades with Norfolk House. 

Keith and Peggy Wilmot became the Founding Heads of the new Glenlyon-Norfolk School. With a cooperative partnership between the two, they provided strong and united leadership as they both retained responsibility for his and her own campus. Keith was also instrumental in melding the two administrative systems into one.

Upon their recommendation mid-way through this first year, a search for one Head of school started in early 1987. Peggy and Keith handed over the reins of the senior campus to David Brooks, while returning to their junior campuses full time

A close alliance remained between David, Peggy and Keith as they supported each other in their leadership roles until their retirement — Keith retired in 2007.

Although Keith passed away in 2017, his legacy through his connections to former staff, students, parents and Board members remain a valued resource for the GNS community as it continues to grow.

Keith is truly a Hero of GNS.